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Media Buying

It may be overwhelming for a small business like yours to determine where to effectively spend your advertising dollars. Television and radio may seem pricey; local newspapers may not reach your target audience; and you may feel intimidated by digital campaigns.

While every medium has value, some may not be appropriate for you and your needs. It is our job at CML Media to determine the “value” for you and your business. We base this recommendation on CPMs (cost per impressions), or the price of the medium per the number of eyes and ears reached. 

"Many a small thing has been made big with the right advertising"
- Mark Twain


We will research and identify which media platforms best suit your product and your budget based on your current target audience and area, the frequency of your advertisements, and the cost. A custom solution will be created just for you, and we will propose the right place and the right time to execute your new campaign.


Our goal is to ensure that you get the most impressions for the least amount of money that we can negotiate on your behalf.

We take on media negotiations so you will:

  • - get targeted ad placement based on the audience you are trying to reach;
  • - never pay the full asking price or rate card;
  • - and always find value beyond your paid advertising in the form of free commercials, promotions, or sponsorship opportunities.


It is our responsibility to purchase time and advertising space for you, both locally and nationally. Once the advertising has been secured and the campaign has launched, we will follow up throughout the first month and at the end of each subsequent month to ensure everything is running smoothly. We are also readily available to answer your questions.

Don’t throw your money away. Advertising is not a guessing game.